What is Princess Diaries?

Princess Diaries exists to instill in young women (ages 12-18) the truth of who they are in Christ. We spend one weekend each year teaching the girls they are beautiful, they have a purpose, they are not invisible and that laughter and joy are precious gifts from God. We also serve as a voice against pop culture: women are not sexual objects, modesty is not ugly, and relationships do not have to be tumultuous are among the many truths we desire to impart to them. At the end of the 2 day event there is a crowning ceremony where the girls get dressed in formals and are all crowned as princesses signifying the emergence of royalty in each of us.

Why is Princess Diaries Important?

Teens today are measuring their value and worth based on television, movies, magazines and social media.  We want teen girls to understand that they are a uniquely designed masterpiece created by a loving Creator and that their value is worth the ultimate sacrifice of His Son.  Media is a farce, but God’s love for them is genuine.